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I know some people only see me here.
Oh, yeah I suppose I should uh... come back and just put this out there.

This account is dead. Very much so now. I only use it to browse around and see what friends are doing, but that's it.
That said, weighing priorities, I have found myself increasingly growing more stressed over personal projects.
The number one project is the whole saga I had been working on- I made a mess of it making it an open collaboration, and now I have decided to close it off while I rebuild it.
The several people I allowed pairings with, well most of them I don't talk to. It made a mess of things, and that was a mistake on my part of allowing in-story characters to be paired off so easily with random characters because they 'looked cute together'. So to just make it easier on me, the cleanup process, and not having to just recreate characters that weren't mine to begin with, I'm closing it off entirely and I'm afraid any pairings I made I will have to opt out of.
This includes groups I [CLEARLY] am no longer in and used story characters for, and people I just casually RP'd with.
With that out there, I should also state I rarely RP anymore. I just don't have time to keep up with it anymore. So on that account, I'm sorry. It also just doesn't seem right to keep any pairings when I'm just not interested in roleplaying anymore.
So... Yay, characters go back to being free for everyone! Except mine. They're going to be put in a torture chamber, but y'know. That's uh... yeah.

I really mulled it over, and if it upsets you, I'm sorry. ;;
They're fictional characters, so please don't take it so personally, but to the grand total of six people I used to have pairings with outside of the actual collaboration, I feel like I'm ending a relationship in saying this but the pairings are done.
If by some miracle you still want to contact me, I still have skype, but any roleplays I do are [sadly] short ones with non-story characters.
They are no longer open for consideration, either. I have learned my mistake by having other people in on a saga and then vanishing. Or at the very least, not fitting with what roles I have in mind for the rebuilding of the story.
If you are also upset with me, lol get over yourself okay I'm a douche in saying this but they're fictional characters. I don't know why I have to cover my ass, they're my characters, my choice, and I'm sorry.
I have decided to keep my story personal, and if I do, by some miracle, decide to allow collaboration, I will contact you personally asking if you want to assist. Otherwise, the answer is no. I am done and want to move on with this project. It started out personal, and I think I should keep it that way.

With the personal story crisis out of the way
I will not be returning to this account. As I said, if you want to keep in contact with me and see what new work I may have for the future, you can contact me on skype. My name there is the same as here: KazzantiChaos.
I haven't been online much at all lately due to stress, but I do have it on my phone and get messages now. Work is just overloading me and I'm trying to save up for a multitude of things, and would like to go back to school.
I also believe I had already said it, but I don't roleplay much anymore. So I probably lost a lot of contacts in saying that lol, especially since if I do roleplay, it's only in Google Docs, and consists of only characters that are not linked to anything personal. I am no longer in groups, and will be cleaning out skype contacts if you haven't talked to me in over three months.

Iamalsoreallysorrytoeveryonethatcommissionedme. If you want a refund, even if like every single person paid in points, I will return them as they are completely useless to me now.

So yeah, the only things I ever make time for is eating, sleeping, work, and my novel projects. Until work stops breaking my neck, anyways.

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